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I'm Joshua Cass

I’m a University of Houston graduate with a degree in Management Information Systems from Houston, TX.

I’m originally from Lumberton, TX. My hobbies include outdoor activities, computer building, and gaming. I have a passion for data visualization and love to organize messy data in an easy to digest format.

My Career so far

I graduated from University of Houston with my Bachelors of Business in MIS in 2021.

I continued studying at University of Houston to complete pre-requisites for admission into the University of Houston Optometry program. Upon speaking with mentors in my life as of August 2022, I decided I wanted to pivot away from optometry and towards my true passion of data management and data visualization.

In May of 2023 I began my Career as a Marketing Data Analyst at Senior PsychCare where I utilize Data Analytics tools such as PowerBi, Visio, and Tableau to provide a variety of metrics to different departments to assist workflow.

Power BI
Power Automate
Microsoft Office
Power Query M

Prior Work Experience

  • Marketing Data Analyst (May 2023 - Current Employment)
    Senior PsychCare, Full-Time Onsite
  • Create reports using PowerBi to deliver actionable marketing metrics to executives and create work flows that drive company functions.
  • Maintain, Clean, and Manipulate Access and SQL Database.
  • Communicate with customers and vendors to deliver powerful analytics to improve patient welfare.
  • Data Entry Specialist (August 2022 - May 2023)
    Practice Compliance Solutions, Full-Time Remote
  • Update compliance manuals with state specific regulations.
  • Monitor and report common bugs in the compliance app code.
  • Work with the management team to maintain visual standards in app presentation.


A little bit about the things I enjoy doing in my free time.
Next 5 Years
  • I would like to see myself in a data analytics or data science position utilizing tools such as Power BI and Tableau to create meaningful visualizations to bring insight to a companies business process. I feel these positions are valuable due to the immediate value added once a project is completed, and team members are able to make predictions and translate data based on visualizations of information.
Next 10 Years

In the next 10 years I would like to expand my skillset, and see myself grow into a position where I could work in Data Engineering. Collecting, managing, and converting different forms of data for data analysts and business analysts to work with.

I believe that we live in a data driven world and as technology advances we will need to find new innovative ways to filter and sort raw data. I would like to be on the forefront of the change and innovation that is inevitably going to take place in the business world.

Computer Building

I have spent years building and tweaking my personal PC, and have helped family and friends with their PC builds as well. This has allowed me to expand my knowledge and stay up to date with technological innovations in the computing world.


I enjoy both PC and Xbox gaming in my free time. Some of my favorite games include Minecraft, Call of Duty, Overwatch, League of Legends, and Forza. I find games to be a great outlet for stress relief, and find enjoyment in many different genres of games. I also find that multiplayer games are a great way to keep in touch with friends you might not get to see as often otherwise.

Outdoor Activities

I love spending time in nature. Some of my favorites include biking, climbing, skiing, and jeeping. I like to travel to Colorado during summer and winter months to partake in outdoor activities. I have family that lives in Buena Vista, CO and visit them as much as possible. My favorite ski slope is located in Telluride, which also happens to have some of the best off-road jeeping territory during the summer. In Houston I regularly attend the momentum indoor climbing gym, as well as bike around the city using our bike trails.


Where I would like to see myself in the future.

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