Olympic Athlete Analysis

Power BI

In this project I utilized an example data set found on Kaggle to summarize trends in Olympic medal winners. This project shows the top medal earners, which can be filtered by region, sex, and medal type. This project also shows trends in average Olympian weights over the years of Olympic games. As well as the effect of age on the likelihood of an athlete to win a medal in a given category.

Olympic Data Analysis Project. Click on the image to view the product page.

Power BI

Personal Project

Created February 2023 - Updated March 2023

This Power BI project was a personal interest project I created to showcase some of my skills in Power BI. It utilizes slicers, bar charts, area charts, and column charts to organize data in an easy to digest format. This project shows that as an athlete ages the likelihood of winning an Olympic medal decrease. The largest number of medal earners are 23 years of age when they earn their medals. This project also shows that the United States of America is the top medal earning region to date, with nearly twice as many medals as the next region France. The project tracks the increase in average Olympian weight over the years the Olympics has taken place.

Gold Medalists

Female Olympians

Male Olympians