Consumer Vehicle Data Analysis

Power BI Data Visual

In this project I was tasked to analyze and visualize the fuel efficiency of popular car models from major brands. This visualization was completed in Power BI and organizes the fuel efficiency by curb weight of popular car models with selections available to refine information. This visualization was completed for my cloud data visualization course at the University of Houston and utilizes many functions of Power BI.

Consumer Vehicle Data Analysis Project. Click on the image to view the project page.
This project was created as an assignment in my cloud data visualization course at University of Houston for MIS 4397 Cloud Data Visualization. I was provided the data and tasked with organizing it an a useful and easy to digest manor. This project utilized slicers, tables, and graphic representations to organize information on consumer vehicles. The scatter chart on the bottom right organizes data from the table created on the bottom left, by curb weight and vehicle fuel efficiency. This gives a representation of the impact of the size of a vehicle on its average fuel efficiency. The slicers on the top allow users to select only pertinent information relating to their search. While also providing general averages based on weight classes, and the number of vehicles represented by each weight class.
Power BI
University of Houston:
MIS 4397 Cloud Data Visualization
Created 2021 - Updated 2023

MPG analysis of vehicles in largest weight class

MPG analysis of convertible vehicles

MPG analysis of rear wheel drive vehicles of values between $20,000 and $30,000