Store Data Analysis

Tableau Dashboard

In this project I utilized an example data set found on tableau to summarize data on items sold at a chain of sample stores. This visualization shows the top selling cities, the profit ratios for different categories of products sold, the total profits of states across the United States, and the top selling manufacturers at the company. This allows a business to make decisions and assumptions based on the data provided. I used bar graphs, graphic maps, and tree maps to visualize different forms of data.

Store Data Analysis Project. Click on the image to view the project page.
This Tableau Dashboard was a personal interest project I created to showcase some of my skills in Tableau. It utilizes horizontal bar charts, tree maps, and graphical maps to group data in meaningful way to provide business insights. This dashboard shows that the most profitable states include California and New York, with the leading product sales occurring in New York City and Los Angeles. This dashboard also gives us insight into the categories of products that have the largest profit ratios, implying a focus on sales of labels, papers and envelopes could lead to a larger profit margin for the company. Finally this dashboard provides insights into the top selling manufacturers which include Xerox, Avery, and GBC. This leads the viewer to believe that these brands are the most recognizable to a consumer shopping at any of their locations.
Personal Project
Created March 2023

Sum of Profits by states in US.

Quantity of items sold by Manufacturer

Profit Ratios by Product Categories

Top performing cities in terms of sales.