HR Data Analysis

Tableau Dashboard

This is a personal project to showcase my skills in Tableau. The project summarizes a sample data set pertaining to HR data found on Kaggle. The dashboard shows the absences and count of employees from different recruitment sources, the average salary by state of employment. The average salary by sex, and race. As well as the number of days employees in different debarments were late or absent from work. This dashboard is an example of how tableau can be used to provide managerial insights into a company.

This data set contained employee information based on a sample company. This information included salary data, employee counts, absences, late arrival days, and race data. I used tableau to create meaningful managerial insights based on this data. The top left side by side bar graph offers insight into which sources the company is hiring individuals from and shows that there is no correlation between number of absences and source of recruitment. Job search sites such as LinkedIn and Indeed are the primary forms the company is using to hire new employees. The top right standard bar graph indicates that there is not a major pay discrepancy between men and women employed at the company. The tree map tells the viewer that Hispanic employees are paid on average more than other races employed with the company. The salary by state map shows that employees in Rhode Island have a much higher average salary than those employed elsewhere. Finally the side by side circle graph indicates that the department with both the most absences and days of late arrival is the sales department. Contrarily the administrative offices have the lowest number of late arrivals and missed work days. This dashboard could be used by a managerial team to make insights into unfair hiring and payment practices, as well as employee performance and engagement.
Personal Project
Created March 2023

Absences Based on Recruitment Source

Average Salary by Sate of Employment

Average Salary by Sex

Average Salary by Race

Late Days and Absences by Department